Sunday, August 26, 2007

Twenty Questions to André Glucksmann

With BHL and some others, it contributed to unbolt the Marxism of its pedestal. Today, it fustigates those which, since September 11, 2001, refuse to see the nihilism with our door. In West against West, its last test, the ex-new philosopher develops brillamment - and always also rageusement - the future of our civilization

Some dates

Birth, June 19, in Boulogne-Billancourt, taken refuge German Jewish parents.

The Cooker and the man-eater (Threshold).

The Masters thinkers (Grasset).

The Silly thing (Grasset).

The Good and Evil (Robert Laffont).

Dostoïevski in Manhattan (Robert Laffont).

Has just published Western against West (Plon).

Perfect happiness according to you?

That which one does not impose on anybody and which nobody does not impose you.

The feature of your character of which you are less to trust?


The quality which you do prefer at a man?

Freedom, equality, fraternity.

And at a woman?


The historical character which you would have liked to resemble?

Socrat. Or Marlene Dietrich...

Your heroes in the life?

My late mother. And then Soljenitsyne. And Vaclav Havel. But also my friends tchetchenes who resist the Russian army and suicidal temptations nihilists.

Your favorite authors?

Homère, Plato, Thucydide, Shakespeare. And Proust.

Your favorite poet?


Your preferred type-setters?

Bach, Mozart, Wagner, Vivaldi.

The air which you do whistle under your shower?

I do not take a shower...

Your preferred painters?

Those of Lascaux. And also Rembrandt, Vinci and Picasso.

The flower which you do like?

"the pink of anybody", that of the large poet Paul Celan.

The color which you do like?


Your films worships?

Side eternity, the Will of Dr. Mabuse, of Fritz Lang. Side topicality, Voyage at the end of the hell, of Michael Cimino, and Underground, of Emir Kusturica.

Your preferred occupation?

To see.

The talent which you would have liked to have?

To speak 36 languages, like the linguist Emile Benveniste.

Your preferred drink?

Since September 11-09-O1, the Coke!

What did you succeed of better in your life?

My son. Its audacities. Its independence.

If you must change a thing in your physical appearance?

My toes.

The fault for which you do have the most indulgence?

The inaccuracy in love.

Your greater regret?

The Second World war...

Your greater fear?

The crime of indifference.

What do you hate over all?

To say that it is badly to say evil of the evil.

Your currency?

Nothing of what is inhuman must appear foreign to us. Such is my version, a little hardware, of "Know itself yourself".

State present of your spirit?

To dare to be minority.

And how would you like to die?