Sunday, August 26, 2007

Europe forgets itself.

Europe forgets itself to guest commentary of André Glucksmann since
1945 deplores democrats again and again choice successes of leader
shapes extreme rights. Never however one of them succeeded in to arrive
with an alliance between that to rights and extreme rights at power and
getting half of the ministerial positions - as in Vienna happen.
It applies to work out, where exactly an unwritten law of Europe was
broken. Haider is not Hitler; and wealthy Austria reminds in nothing of
crisis-vibrated Germany that Weimar time. Haider does not want to
deliver a second leader; it is sufficient for it to thus do as if it
did not give first. In order to be Haiderianer, one needs neither
torch/flare courses nor Stechschritt - one must behave only in such a
way, as if in and the forties thirties of the last century nothing
unusual happened. The being silent majority, which carries the
government Schuessel/Haider in Austria, inhabits a memory gap.
The establishment fathers of the European community proceeded
differently. United in a common enterprise of the demarcation,
they took to Hitler as an example, negative taught:
It revealed, to which countries with high culture, to which open and
enlightened societies are able. The Europeans - link protestanten,
catholic, Atheisten, rights, - found their connecting not in what they
believed, but in what they were afraid. Behind itself the disaster,
which a racistic and identity-possessed Fanatismus had arranged;
before the eyes the frights of the Soviet dictatorship; and in
expectation of the katastrophischen experience of the last colonial
wars the developing European community invented itself a set of taboos,
of protecting political barriers. These should help to direct conflicts, which are not to be solved, into arranged courses. The European community relied on a Common Market of dangers - and not so much by a community of the ideals. And the Austrian events represent a break exactly here. The Austrians did not behave in the third realm better and not more badly than the Germans. The ways separated only according to the war. Joerg Haider brought it on the point: The constant occupation with the past is a German phenomenon - the Austrian has there another mentality. And it made itself merry over the "regret
mentality" of those, which speak of the dark years. Two generations
long apart set themselves the Germans with their behavior during the
third realm. After the Entnazifizierung, which forced the allied ones,
they let a painful process of the Selbstentnazifizierung, which the
families coined/shaped and tormented follow, which transformed the
souls. The average Austrian evaded to this mental agony: Officially its
country was considered as "occupied", and it saw itself as a first
victim of occupation. In this "Central European Hawaii" the dangers are
Phantasmen, which come from the outside - the immigrant, the free
artist, strange powers, the arrogance of the 14, bad arms from the
former People's Republics of, the globalization etc..
These Austrians are the harbingers of a new Amnesie. Since the case of
the wall is the negation of the past on the advance, and it is about to
become a common European sport. One closes the clip again, one
terminates the meantime, paints, which had been in it - begun with the
own sharing at the general misfortune. And in such a way one makes
oneself to the new beginning. After Milosevic had brought the Serbs to
look for a revenge for suffered history Putin appoints itself to an
eternally lasting Russia. It does not establish second communist
dictatorship, but it invents a post office-communist government art,
which lowers a new iron curtain over the continent. In the hunting
grounds of the holy Russian realm always everything was permitted.
1818 explained to gentlemen general Ermolow, viceroy and butcher of the
Caucasus, its: "the Chechnian people affects the devoted servants of
your majesty with his spirit of the rebellion and with his liberty love
even." And the Zar started to destroy Aufstaendi. Stalin let the
Tschetschenen deportieren in February 1944 in great quantities;
it let those, which did not fit no more into the cattle railroad cars,
burn in the mosques. During transport to Kazakhstan 70,000 women and
children died by hunger and cold weather. And today in Chechnya again
the liberty is murdered. The haidersche idea of the ethnical
sovereignty and the colonialistic methods of Milosevic have its
monstroeses counterpart in the autocratic tradition of the Russian
state, which devours the small nations since Peter the large one and
whose population to subjecting forces. The love for the liberty is not
divisible. It requires a constant effort, it must openly after it be
called, in Moscow as in Vienna. Whom it - like the French minister of
foreign affairs Hubert Védrine - occurs, Putin as "Patrioten, which is
inspired by a large idea of its country" to praise which at the end
nothing more will be able to object to Haider, which calls itself also
Patriot. Who sleeps calmly, while cities and villages are made equal to
the ground, is not convincing, if it endeavors hehre principles.
Still Europe does, as if give it - at the east edge of our kindergarten
- not that powder barrel, on which a criminal, moerderischer,
make-perfect state sits.

André Glucksmann, geb. 1937, is philosopher and journalist, it lives
in Paris. On German appeared last: "property and the bad".